AC 踏浪而来 精彩呈现——浪琴康卡斯潜水系列缩略图

AC 踏浪而来 精彩呈现——浪琴康卡斯潜水系列

AC 踏浪而来 精彩呈现——浪琴康卡斯潜水系列L3.741.4.96.6腕表
1数据.腕表尺寸39X13mm 佩戴舒适且贴合手腕!
AC出品 精益求精 因为专业 所以出彩!

AC treads the waves and presents wonderfully —— Longines Kangkas diving series L3.741.4.96.6 wristwatch
1 data. the wrist watch size is 39X13mm, which is comfortable to wear and fits the wrist!
2 bezel. ACF also uses anodized aluminum which is consistent with the original one. This material is not only stable and firm, but also resistant to wear and corrosion (it can be used in the original one)

  1. The top sapphire crystal glass mirror is coated with double transparent anti-glare anti-reflection film, which makes the glass transparent and clear.
    [movement] adopts accurate and stable seagull TOP 2824 automatic winding movement.
    [steel belt] three-plate, 316L fine steel strap with double-fold safety clasp and diving extension device with the same structure as the original one!
    AC production excels because of its specialty!


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