LK Longines watchmaking traditional Compaq series men’s wristwatch, one of the most elegant and simple styles in Longines, has played pictures in kind. The diameter is 40 mm, and the first watch is not repeated. Like the original, it uses 2892A2 as the basic movement to customize the L619.2 movement, which is mainly sold
1, literal: the overall feeling has been genuine without deficiency, the literal texture is clear, the color temperature is exactly the same, the word Ding and LOGO position just correspond, and the size and specifications are almost the same. Three Arabic numerals and scales are full of stereoscopic impression, and the details are handled properly.

  1. Movement and inner cover: like the original, L619.2 movement is customized with 2892A2 as the basic movement. Geneva pattern and fish scale pattern cover everything, and the same titanium coating is radiation-resistant inner cover. Enlarging the movement by 20 times, although the layout of the movement parts is slightly different, the Geneva grain and twill are not inferior to the original, but the steel seal under the balance wheel is clearer than the original.
  2. Shell type specification: The ring mouth, Batty, shell including raw ears are all opened separately to ensure that the lines, chamfers and radians are consistent with the original ones. CNC machining+numerical control adjustment+vacuum plating. Thickness of 40mm and thickness of 10.6mm are exactly the same as the original ones.
  3. Mirror and handle: Imported sapphire mirror with high transparency, even in the case of reflection, the literal content will not be refracted or discolored. Opening the die separately ensures that the groove and the number of teeth are exactly the same as the original one.
  4. Rear cover: The width and thickness of the bottom cover are almost the same as the thickness of the yarn pattern. The LOGO of Longines on the inner side of the bottom cover is the same. In the picture, the original part was scratched because of mold opening. Corrosion font size is a little smaller, but not obvious.
  5. Strap: Imitate the original classic H+ square design vividly, CNC numerical control+hand polishing, the cost is not less than the original, the single grain size is exactly the same, and the texture and comfort are just right.
  6. Buckle: Butterfly double-press four-axis buckle, which is common with original, made of pure hand steel, with high toughness and long service life, and slightly different in corrosion font size.


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