少量到货!GS年度巨作【落落大方 腕间淑女】GS荣誉出品——浪琴表心月系列优雅而至。典雅别致的外观,采用与正品一致的Cal.L250机芯。温柔的外表之下,蕴含一颗“正品”真芯。【表壳】腕表尺寸26.5mmX7mm。圆润的曲线式设计使得壳体别致精巧。举手投足之间,落落大方。每一件表壳均是GS的匠心精品。【机芯】和原装一致采用浪琴Cal.L250石英机芯(机芯可通用于原版)【钢带】波浪型的表带动感贴手,光泽流盼。每一粒表带截,都经过GS制表师精心细致的打磨,确保光泽和形状完美无瑕,吻合原版。

A small amount of goods arrived! GS’s annual masterpiece [Elegant Ladies in Wrist] GS’s honorary production-Longines Watch Heart Moon Series is elegant. Elegant and unique appearance, using Cal.L250 movement consistent with genuine products. Beneath the gentle appearance, there is a genuine core. [Case] The size of the watch is 26.5mmX7mm x 7 mm. The rounded curved design makes the shell unique and exquisite. Between gestures, natural and graceful. Every watch case is the ingenuity of GS. [movement] adopts Longines Cal.L250 Shi Ying movement in the same way as the original one (movement can be used in the original version) [Steel belt] The wavy strap is attached to the hand in a dynamic way, and the luster is expected. Each strap section has been carefully polished by GS watchmaker to ensure that the luster and shape are flawless and match the original version.


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