【表壳】腕表尺寸40mmX13.1mm 与正品一致。相同的尺寸,完美的质感,人体工程学设计使流线型表耳更加贴合手腕,佩戴舒服。 与原装一致:表盘采用烤漆工艺,刻度采用叠加印刷技术。整体质感可与正品较量。
【表带 扣】黑色意大利小牛皮表带,搭配IWC经典折叠表扣(可与正品通用)
ZF出品 必属精品 全心全意 只为更好

ZF strength deduction, shock attack, perfect restoration of the 150th anniversary of the Portuguese series of national watches.
[Movement] The original CAL.69355 movement was changed from Dandong 7750 movement. Thickness, data and layout of each unit, balance wheel position, and functional use. All-sided alignment is impeccable.
[Case] The size of the watch is 40mmX13.1mm, which is consistent with the genuine one. With the same size, perfect texture and ergonomic design, the streamlined ear fits the wrist more comfortably. Consistent with the original: the dial adopts baking varnish technology, and the scale adopts overlay printing technology. The overall texture can compete with genuine products.
[strap buckle] black Italian calfskin strap with IWC classic folding buckle (can be used with genuine products)
ZF products must be excellent products, only for the better wholeheartedly


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