ZF卓越成就 浩瀚来袭——IWC葡萄牙系列多功能计时腕表缩略图

ZF卓越成就 浩瀚来袭——IWC葡萄牙系列多功能计时腕表

ZF卓越成就 浩瀚来袭——IWC葡萄牙系列多功能计时腕表。沉稳内敛,尽显绅士儒雅一面。

1.每一款腕表盘面的颜色都经过多次修正,最终效果达到于原装无二。 一丝不苟,方成就大家风范。
3.表扣 表带均为市面最高版本,打造臻品,从细节入手。


ZF’s outstanding achievements are coming ——IWC Portugal series multifunctional chronographs. Calm and restrained, showing the elegance of a gentleman.

[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 42 mm x 13.5 mm.

  1. The color of the face of each wristwatch has been corrected many times, and the final effect is the same as the original one. Meticulous, can achieve everyone’s demeanor.
  2. The sapphire glass with pot cover shape is coated with double-sided HD anti-vertigo light blue coating, which is transparent and bright, and remarkable!
  3. The buckle straps are all the highest versions in the market, so we should start with the details.

[Technical Breakthrough] After years of research and development, it is a perfect reproduction of IWC’s self-produced Cal.89361 movement to realize all functions of the original movement. The feeling of three needles in minutes and seconds and the direction of debugging calendar when restoring operation.


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