V9 Portuguese series real perpetual calendar, the first perpetual calendar in the re-engraving industry, is upgraded to a copy of 52610 movement by using imported grand seiko as the basic movement, which not only realizes most functions of perpetual calendar, but also has stable travel time and extremely low repair rate, which is a rare watch with complex functions of operation resistance in the re-engraving market. Reasons for starting: 1. [Perpetual Calendar]-The perpetual calendar year at 8 o’clock runs normally (2017-2024, and the year module can be returned to the factory for free in 2024). It can be adjusted by the hidden button of the watch case as well as the original one, and it is better than the original reversible adjustment (the original year is irreversible, and it must be repaired at its own expense after adjustment); 2. [Sun, Moon and Star] —— The date (3 o’clock), month (6 o’clock) and week (9 o’clock) are normally driven and can be adjusted manually (the date can be adjusted by pulling out the second gear, the month can be adjusted by hiding button at 8 o’clock, and the week can be driven by adjusting pointer); 3. [Exquisite workmanship] —— Repaired both inside and outside, the watch case strap was opened by CNC equipment in Germany, and QC was performed manually one by one in the later period. The sanding and chamfering of every part of the watch case were almost comparable to the original one, and the text font distribution of the movement was synchronized with the original one, and the polished details of fish scales and other lines were very delicate. The arched scratch-resistant mirror is as transparent as the original one. 4. “Elegant to get started”-the size is 41mm*13mm, which is more suitable for Asian wrists. The shell is elegant and versatile, showing the gentlemanly temperament. Chen Bailin and Ruoyun Zhang are the same. 5. [Movement Stability] Large Seiko movements are inherently small in error and stable. On this basis, all finished watches will be simulated and tested on the QE simulator imported from Switzerland for one day after successful assembly, and they will be shipped without errors or pauses. This is the most complex and stable watch in the COPY market in history. The V9Factory starts from the “core” and creates miracles. Each V9 wristwatch has a built-in remote anti-counterfeiting chip, so that buyers can buy with confidence and avoid shoddy goods from unscrupulous traders.


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