ZF厂-万-葡萄牙七日链 葡七最新V5版
尺寸 42.5mm X 14.5mm
功能 小时,分针,秒针,日历
机芯 ZF厂定制cal.52010机芯 最佳版本
镜面 蓝宝石镜面,蓝色镀膜
材质 316L精钢表壳
表带 蓝色/黑色皮表带 可定制鳄鱼皮
防水 30米

ZF Factory-Wan-Portugal Seven Days Chain Portugal Seven Latest V5 Edition
Dimensions 42.5mm X 14.5mm
Function hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar
The best version of cal.52010 movement customized by ZF factory
Mirror sapphire mirror, blue coating
Material 316L fine steel case
Strap blue/black leather strap can be customized crocodile skin
Waterproof 30 meters


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