ZF厂-万-葡萄牙葡计,最强升级 ZF新品超级葡计V2终极版正式上线,尺寸40.9mmx12.3mm,厚度一致,搭载A79350自动上链机芯,相对V1版本做出几处调整。

ZF Factory-Wan-Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese Meter, the strongest upgraded ZF new product Super Portuguese Meter V2 Ultimate Edition was officially launched, with the size of 40.9mmx12.3mm and consistent thickness, equipped with A79350 self-winding movement, and made several adjustments compared with V1 version.
[Case Upgrade] Re-adjust the grinding tools and upgrade the details of the ring, middle shell and bottom cover. And improve the post-polishing treatment process, so that the overall cooperation of the shell and sleeve is more tacit and seamless, and there is no dead angle.
[Dial Upgrade] Raise the literal scale to make it rounder, and correct the grain of the upper and lower subdisks in the dial. Completely improve the gloss, make it whiter and more natural, and keep the same effect as the original factory.
[Button upgrade] Improve the polishing and drawing of details inside the buckle. I would like to thank you sincerely. Careful cousins have pointed out the shortcomings of V1 version. The ultimate version of V2 belongs to everyone. ZF will constantly improve itself and live up to expectations.


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