ZF厂-万-钛壳空中霸主大飞行员系列—震撼来袭。粗犷豪迈的设计,采用青铜打造,成就一代经典。 ZF青铜神器,震撼来袭【粗率豪迈,尽显男儿本色】
【表盘】简约的设计,大气磅礴。功能同步。分别为,时分秒三针显示,日历,以及三点位置的真动能显示。 【机芯】强悍的表壳之下蕴含一颗温柔的心。ZF紧跟原厂脚步,搭载Cal.51111机芯。内部结构有百分之八十吻合。功能百分百实现。 ZF出品,必属精品。ZF空中霸主,尽显男儿本色。

ZF Factory-Wan-Titanium Shell Air Overlord Pilot Series-Shocked. Rough and bold design, made of bronze, has made a generation of classics. ZF bronze artifact, shocking [bold and bold, showing the true color of men]
[Bronze case] The generous case is dynamic and tough. ZF uses consistent titanium to make the case, which is wear-resistant and has high hardness.
[Dial] Simple design is magnificent. Function synchronization. They are, hour, minute and second three-pin display, calendar and true kinetic energy display at three o’clock position. [Movement] There is a gentle heart under the strong watch case. ZF follows the footsteps of the original factory and is equipped with Cal.51111 movement. The internal structure is 80% consistent. The function is fully realized. Produced by ZF, it must be a fine product. ZF is the overlord in the air, showing the true colors of men.


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