MKS厂 万国IWCv6版本马克17终极版缩略图

MKS厂 万国IWCv6版本马克17终极版

1 :在原字面的基础上加深色调 调整光泽 使之整体效果更佳有型 。 
2 :修正把头局部细节和调整比例做到1:1效果 每个细节都做精益求精 。 
3: 新版本的皮带升级为意大利进口光亮小牛皮。 
4 :关于壳套的打磨 凡是每一件MK厂出品的壳套 都会做到百里挑一 个个精品 厂里深信只有加深品质的把控 才能更好的走下去 抓住细节 怒荐!

MK factory masterpiece! V6 version Mark 17 ultimate version, 2892 automatic movement.

  1. on the basis of the original literal, deepen the hue adjustment luster to make the overall effect better and more stylish.
  2. Revise the local details of the head and adjust the proportion to achieve 1:1 effect, and strive for perfection in every detail.
    3: The new version of the belt is upgraded to Italian imported bright calf leather.
    4: As for the polishing of shell sleeves, every shell sleeve produced by MK Factory will be one in a hundred. The boutique factory is convinced that only by deepening the control of quality can we better go on and grasp the details!


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