【YL厂】IWC-大型飞行员 大把头小王子蓝面 灰色钛砂壳缩略图

【YL厂】IWC-大型飞行员 大把头小王子蓝面 灰色钛砂壳

YL出品 IWC万国 大把头大飞 小王子蓝面 灰色钛砂壳 正品一比一开模,真动能显示,46x16mm,改cal.51111自动机械机芯,316精钢表壳,蓝宝石镜面,牛皮表带,折叠扣,防水30米!

YL produced IWC, the big head and big flying little prince, and the blue face gray titanium sand shell was opened one by one, with real kinetic energy display, 46x16mm, changed to cal.51111 automatic mechanical movement, 316 fine steel case, sapphire mirror, cowhide strap, folding buckle, waterproof 30 meters!


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