【ZF厂】IWC-大型飞行员大把头 大飞黑面缩略图

【ZF厂】IWC-大型飞行员大把头 大飞黑面

【ZF厂】万国IWC-大型飞行员大把头大飞 正品一比一开模,真动能显示
品牌: 万国 IWC
系列: 飞行员系列
款式: IW502001-
尺寸: 46mm × 15mm
机芯: 复刻Cal.51111自动上链机芯
功能: 时、分、秒、日期、动力显示
表壳: 陶瓷表壳
镜面: 蓝宝石镜面
表带: 军表专用内衬牛皮外层尼龙表带
表扣: 折叠扣
防水: 50米
ZF出品 IW502003大爆款,即将来袭,原版开模,原版在手,天下我有。耗费15个月终于达到一比一,超赶正品,腕表尺寸46X15 蓝宝石水晶玻璃镜面,钛合金放射表盘,军表专用内衬牛皮外层尼龙表带,复刻Cal.51111超长动力机芯,圆你一个飞行员的战斗梦想,来吧让夏天更加精彩一些吧~!

[ZF Factory] IWC- a large pilot flies a lot and opens the mold one by one, showing the true kinetic energy
Brand: IWC
Series: pilot series
Style: IW502001-
Dimensions: 46mm × 15mm
Movement: Duplex Cal.51111 self-winding movement
Function: hour, minute, second, date and power display
Case: ceramic case
Mirror: sapphire mirror
Strap: nylon strap with leather lining and outer layer for military watch
Buckle: folding buckle
Waterproof: 50m
ZF produced IW502003 big explosion, which is coming soon. the original version is open and in hand, and I have it all over the world. It took 15 months to finally reach one to one, surpassing the genuine products. The wrist watch size is 46X15 sapphire crystal glass mirror, titanium alloy radiation dial, nylon strap with leather lining and outer layer for military watch, and Cal.51111 ultra-long power movement, fulfilling your fighting dream as a pilot. Come and make summer more exciting ~!


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