V7厂 万国飞行员马克十八系列缩略图

V7厂 万国飞行员马克十八系列

无敌真芯 七星推荐❗
V7出品 瑞士真芯ETA2892巨作 
【正品开模 】购入万国正品开模,所有组件均拆解分析并完美克隆,配件100%可与原装互换版本。直径40mm,厚度11mm
【顶级材料 】所有材料同步正品,进口弧面高通透双面镀膜蓝宝石镜面;IWC正品级工艺字面(最难的蓝面达到任何光源角度下不泛紫,真正实现100%正品蓝之诱惑)316L精钢顶级CNC工艺完美打磨,拉丝倒角弧度效果均呈现正品质感;独家渠道进口意大利SANTONI牛皮(正品同材料同质感)一条牛皮成本相当于市场一般牛皮的几倍;V7坚持精益求精,在很多细节的把控上都已达到行业顶级,且多项可为标杆。
【顶级机芯 】行业顶级,同步正品的纯进口瑞士ETA2892-A2型机芯,达到正品同级的精确及稳定质素,解决售后顽疾,轻松实现几万元正品的机械性能。
【顶尖工艺 】底盖图案做工细致入微,无任何毛刺,立体度及细致度均媲美原装
【超级品控 】V7品控 所有腕表出厂时差及防水防尘QC 让买家与卖家都能无后顾之忧
V7 MAKER为提供完美副本而生,后续仍有更多精彩作品,敬请期待。

Invincible True Core Seven Stars Recommended
Perfect copy of the eighteen series of pilots from all over the world
V7 produced Swiss genuine ETA2892 masterpiece
[Genuine mold opening] Buy Wanguo genuine mold opening, all components are disassembled, analyzed and perfectly cloned, and the accessories can be 100% interchangeable with the original version. With a diameter of 40mm and a thickness of 11mm
[Top materials] All materials are synchronous and genuine, and imported high-permeability double-sided coated sapphire mirror; IWC authentic technology literally (the most difficult blue surface is not purple under any light source angle, and truly realizes the temptation of 100% authentic blue) 316L fine steel top CNC technology is perfectly polished, and the drawing chamfer radian effect presents authentic texture; The exclusive channel imports Italian SANTONI cowhide (authentic with the same material and texture). The cost of a cowhide is equivalent to several times of the general cowhide in the market; V7 insists on striving for perfection, and has reached the top level in many details, and many of them can be used as benchmarks.
[Top movement] The industry’s top, synchronous and genuine imported Swiss ETA2892-A2 movement has achieved the same level of accuracy and stable quality, solved after-sales ills, and easily realized tens of thousands of genuine mechanical properties.
[Top technology] The bottom cover pattern is meticulous in workmanship, without any burrs, and the three-dimensional and meticulous degree are comparable to the original one
[Super Quality Control] V7 Quality Control All watches have factory jet lag and waterproof and dustproof QC, so that buyers and sellers can have no worries
The details of the whole table are meticulous, which can be called the original quality.
The original price is only 3W, which can be easily controlled by ordinary people
This universal pilot watch is regarded as a classic model of the world, which is suitable for wearing in any scene. It can be described as a versatile artifact.
V7 MAKER was born to provide perfect copies, and there are still more wonderful works in the future, so please look forward to it.


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