ZF produced IWC3777 pilot timing series, with synchronous and original movement, slightly bent tail of hands and anti-vertigo blue coating on both sides. Achieve this extraordinary classic.

[mature workmanship] the size of the watch is 43mmX15mm. The watchcase is divided into two sets, with the collar and the middle shell as a whole. The difficulty lies in the right-angle turning grinding of the joint between the middle shell and the ring (a lot of manual work is required). After time’s elutriation, the simulation degree is steady and the workmanship is mature. The lines are clear and stereoscopic. The original quality of this series has been restored.

[movement] adopts TOP Shanghai 7750 movement, which not only has synchronous structure and original installation, but also has the functions of winding up, adjusting calendar, operating pointer and timing completely consistent with the original installation.
[Wonderful details] 1.ZF follows the traditional skills of Wanguobiao and adopts double-layer light blue anti-vertigo coating. 2. The tail of the minute hand and the second hand is slightly bent, and the details are consistent with genuine products.


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