MKS厂 万国马克18缩略图

MKS厂 万国马克18

MKS厂 万国马克18力作回归【脱胎换骨 续写经典】MK厂最新升级版本

MKS Factory Wanmark 18 Masterpieces Return [Rebirth and Continue to Write Classics] The latest upgraded version of MK Factory
MKS’s famous work-Wan Guo Mark Series. After more than a year’s elutriation, I have explored the meaning of the original craft countless times. Go one step further.
[Wonderful details] The dimension data of wrist watch is 40mm x 11mm. Every drawing or polishing in the watch case is the embodiment of the top watchmaking level in China. MKS factory implements the most stringent QC inspection process in the industry. Ensure that every finished workpiece can pass through the genuine Daling, and it is not for any product.
[Innovative move] The ultra-stable Japanese MEDA 9015 movement is adopted to truly realize zero repair.


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