ZF出品 陶瓷大飞 V2终极版缩略图

ZF出品 陶瓷大飞 V2终极版

【ZF出品 陶瓷大飞 V2终极版】
ZF经典神作 敬请各路大神品鉴

[ZF produces ceramic Dafei V2 Ultimate Edition]
[Case] ZF restores genuine products at all costs, and adopts high-tech ceramics (the material is the same as genuine products)-adding non-oxide elements such as silicon nitride to ceramics, and high-tech precision ceramics have the characteristics of light weight, high hardness and comfortable wearing.
[Mirror] Sapphire crystal mirror, double-sided anti-vertigo coating treatment.
[Strap] The inner layer of calfskin is made of synthetic fiber, and the material is synchronous and original. There is no pressure to go to the seaside once in a while.
[Dial] is made of titanium and treated with solar radiation stripes
The bottom cover and clasp of titanium alloy make the whole watch lighter and more comfortable, and the true kinetic energy display enables each wearer to grasp the dynamic usage of the watch more accurately.
Please taste the classic works of ZF from all walks of life


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