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V7出品 波涛菲诺

V7出品 七星推荐 V7波涛菲诺 重新定义市面最高版本的波涛菲诺❗️ 真正意义的超级波涛菲诺‼️ 厚积薄发,精益求精,修正市面现有版本的所有不足 原装开模,所有配件可与原装互换 316L精钢表壳顶级打磨,360度全面完美同步原装 表耳与表壳衔接的位置处理的十分顺滑没有焊接痕迹(攻克难题) 表耳R弧度同步原装够大,线条更优美,表壳与底盖衔接完美,解决了很多版本底盖与表壳不能对齐硌手的问题。 定制日历字体及粗细均能完美吻合原装,市面最强印刷 字面采用原厂级别顶级定制,颜色印刷及纹路均能达到原厂等级 皮带采用顶级美洲鳄鱼皮,完美还原原装质感,内侧压字同步专柜最新版本(皇冠标识市面唯一) 316l精钢针扣精细无比,刻字同步更新至与最新专柜版本一致,更精致,更丰富 底盖刻字及图案均全部同步原装,绝无出入 一表一号,市面独家四码合一(底盖,吊牌,贴纸,黑卡) 搭载100%纯原装瑞士ETA2892A2自动机械机芯精准无敌零返修,纯原装品质! 独家白金镶钻款采用镀金工艺及顶级施华洛水晶镶钻(放大镜下可看到施华洛logo,成本比普通锆石碎钻高出数倍)光泽效果都堪称无限接近正品 全色系市面最齐,V7超级波涛菲诺,敬请品鉴 另有亲民海鸥2892版本供选(外壳一样,搭配牛皮及海鸥2892机芯)

Seven stars produced by V7 recommend V7 Botao Fino to redefine the highest version of Botao Fino in the market. The real super Botao Fino is thick and thin, strives for perfection, and corrects all the shortcomings of the existing versions in the market. All accessories can be exchanged with the original 316L fine steel case. The top-level polishing, 360-degree comprehensive and perfect synchronization of the joint position between the original ear and the case is very smooth and there is no welding trace (solving the problem). The R radian of the ear is synchronized with the original big enough, the line is more beautiful, and the connection between the case and the bottom cover is perfect, which solves many problems. Customized calendar fonts and thickness can perfectly match the original ones, the strongest printing literal in the market adopts the original factory-level top customization, and the color printing and texture can reach the original factory-level belt adopts the top American crocodile skin, which perfectly restores the original texture. The latest version of the inner side press word synchronous counter (the only one in the market with crown logo) 316l fine steel pin buckle is extremely fine, and the lettering is updated synchronously to be consistent with the latest counter version, which is more delicate. Rich bottom cover lettering and patterns are all synchronized and original, and there is no difference between one table and one. The market exclusive four-in-one (bottom cover, tag, sticker and black card) is equipped with 100% pure original Swiss ETA2892A2 automatic mechanical movement, which is accurate and invincible, with pure original quality! The exclusive platinum diamond model adopts gold-plated technology and top Swarow crystal diamond (Swarow logo can be seen under a magnifying glass, and the cost is several times higher than that of ordinary zircon broken diamonds). The gloss effect is infinitely close to the genuine full-color system. The market is the most neat, V7 Super Wave Fino, please taste another version of People’s Seagull 2892 (like the shell, with cowhide and Seagull 2892 movement)


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