AI新品AI波涛真月相 一天跳一小格 
一个月走一圈 同步正品功能 
AI波涛真月相 一天跳一小格 
一个月走一圈 同步正品功能 


AI new product AI waves really jump a little bit a day
Go once a month to synchronize the genuine function
IWC Wanguo launches new waves
New AI products [color] [color] [color] accept reservations
AI waves really jump a little bit a day
Go once a month to synchronize the genuine function
IWC Wanguo launched the brand-new Botao Fino series 40mm fine steel mechanical men’s watches IW459401 and IW459402.

Moon phase display is undoubtedly the most dreamy and beautiful of all complex functions
The moon phase display is designed as a starry night sky, and the moon and stars seem to be suspended in the boundless sky.
The moon phase is presented in different scenes-the moon sometimes flashes in clouds and sometimes floats under the starry night sky.
Willow-shaped hands outline the charm of time with elegant posture
The new customized version of imported fully automatic mechanical movement is accurate, stable and durable
The wristwatch adopts a beautifully shaped dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass, which is treated with anti-glare treatment on both sides to steal light clearly, and the rounded radian at the edge reveals elegant atmosphere.
The side of the crown is decorated with simple triangular pits. Combined with the relatively prominent crown design, the winding feel is very comfortable
The stainless steel case is round and delicate in shape, and the slightly curved radian of the ear conforms to ergonomics, fits the wrist, and is comfortable to wear.
Berto Fino wrist watch series has always been a modest gentleman in the family of nations, and is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and elegant taste. It has become one of the best-selling wristwatch series of Wanguo Watch with its simple and eternal design, and is favored by both men and women. The combination of precise performance and unique design in all countries presents us with a beautiful visual enjoyment.


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