AI新品 颜值巅峰IWC旗下最耀眼的明星,万国长动能专家全新的柏涛菲诺八日链腕表【表壳】316L精钢表壳,打磨抛光非常圆润,后盖编码一表一号(绝不重复)【表盘】小秒针盘位于6点钟位置附拨针停秒功能,配有实心条钉刻度和罗马数字,9点位增添动能装饰,3点位写有PORTOFINO(柏涛菲诺英文)和准确距离日历窗,与弧形的动能装饰对称。我们可以注意到,这只手表的日历窗位于表盘最边缘,而且日历字体同原版一致。柳叶形指针分别指示小时和分钟,双面防反光拱形蓝宝石镀膜镜面 【表带】意大利小牛皮 【机芯】自主研制自动上链机械机芯,机芯稳定,走时准。IWC旗下最耀眼的明星

AI’s new product value peak IWC’s most dazzling star, Wan Guochang kinetic energy expert’s brand-new Bertofino eight-day chain watch [case] 316L fine steel case, polished and polished very roundly, the back cover is coded with one meter and one number (never repeat) [Dial] The small second hand dial is located at 6 o’clock with the dial stop function, equipped with solid nail scale and Roman numerals, adding kinetic energy decoration at 9 o’clock, and PORTOFINO (Bertofino) is written at 3 o’clock. We can notice that the calendar window of this watch is located at the extreme edge of the dial, and the calendar font is consistent with the original version. Willow-shaped hands indicate hours and minutes respectively, and double-sided anti-reflective arched sapphire coated mirror [watchband] Italian calfskin [movement] independently develops a self-winding mechanical movement, which is stable and accurate. The most dazzling star of IWC


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