【表带 扣】采用意大利小牛皮,搭配ZF出品最高版本的IWC万国折叠表扣

ZF’s ingenious IWC Botafino series multifunctional chronograph is elegant, correcting any shortcomings of all previous versions in the market, elegant pace, and late arrival.
[Case] The size of the watch is 42 mm x 13.5 mm. Perfect synchronization in size. ZF restores the watchcase with perfect circular radian, which is filled with the most advanced polishing technology in the industry, and its effect is catching up with the genuine products. The lines are smooth and shiny.
[Movement] The original Cal.79320 core is changed from the stable and abnormal Shanghai 7750 movement, so that not only all functions are synchronized and original, but also the operation feel can be matched.
[strap buckle] is made of Italian calfskin and matched with the highest version of IWC universal folding buckle produced by ZF
ZF produces the world’s second IWC wave timing, and tastes friends from all walks of life


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