【MKS厂】万国 IWC-柏涛菲诺V4版缩略图

【MKS厂】万国 IWC-柏涛菲诺V4版

【MK厂】万国IWC-柏涛菲诺V4版 此款适合处事低调却又游刃有余,在职场中是相当高的境界。柏涛菲诺本是意大利一个海港小镇,代表着上世纪60年代的闲适生活,这款IW356501腕表自然有一种与世无争的气质。它在今年经过了重新设计,充满了现代感。个人认为皮表带比米兰式表带更适合波涛菲诺。40mm×9.5mm的尺寸十分适合年轻有为的职场男性;

[MK Factory] IWC- Botao Fino V4 Edition is suitable for doing things with low-key but easy to handle, which is a very high level in the workplace. Berto Fino is a seaport town in Italy, which represents the leisure life in 1960s. This IW356501 watch naturally has a unique temperament. It has been redesigned this year and is full of modernity. Personally, I think leather strap is more suitable for Botafeno than Milan strap. The size of 40mm×9.5mm is very suitable for young and promising men in the workplace;


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