MKS年终巨献【优雅精湛 工艺之巅】

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[Family exclusive-HD real shot]
MKS year-end dedication [the top of elegant and exquisite craftsmanship]
MKS Year-end Grand Contribution-IWC Wanguobiao Botafena series watches, elegant aristocratic atmosphere combined with unparalleled visual enjoyment, mysterious and elegant, exquisite and extraordinary.
[Case] The size of the watch is 37 mm * 9.4 mm. The watch case polished by exquisite technology is noble and generous, and MKS masters the original polishing technology of IWC, with smooth lines and pleasing effect. The rolling crown is re-engraved in place, retaining the original beauty of the genuine products, and the operation feel is comparable to that of the original ones.

[biggest selling point]
MKS factory perfectly replicates this workmanship, with the same structural design principle as genuine products, reaching the same quality level as Swiss original factory.
[Strap buckle] It is made of top-grade Italian leather strap, with soft and delicate texture, hand-sewn silk thread, clear and uniform texture. The buckle is engraved with the classic symbol of “IWC”. It is generous and rich in grade, and its workmanship is synchronous and original.

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