BL最新力作 卡地亚Drive De Cartier系列真陀飞轮腕表缩略图

BL最新力作 卡地亚Drive De Cartier系列真陀飞轮腕表

BL最新力作 卡地亚Drive De Cartier系列真陀飞轮腕表,同轴浮动式陀飞轮,通过镜面可以欣赏飞轮运转的神秘感和动态艺术美。【细节特色】银扭索雕纹表盘,罗马数字时标,剑形烧钢蓝时分针。原版手动上链,精细花纹均与正品一致,蓝宝石镜面,顶级工艺。对男士来说,这款无论是日常配戴还是搭配正装出席正式场合都能从腕间提升气质,驾驭起来刚刚好。

BL’s latest masterpiece is Cartier Drive De Cartier series real tourbillon watches, coaxial floating tourbillon, which can appreciate the mystery and dynamic artistic beauty of flywheel operation through mirror surface. [Details] Silver guilloche dial, Roman numeral hour markers, sword-shaped steel burning blue hour minute hand. Original manual winding, fine patterns are consistent with genuine products, sapphire mirror, top-class technology. For men, this model can improve the temperament from the wrist, whether it is worn daily or worn with formal clothes to attend formal occasions, and it is just right to control.


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