V6厂V7版蓝气球小号28mm中号33/36mm女款 瑞士石英缩略图

V6厂V7版蓝气球小号28mm中号33/36mm女款 瑞士石英

卡地亚蓝气球大号 28mm女款石英!v6厂 一款深的正品精髓的一款腕表!认准细节很重要 指针是烧蓝钢指针 玻璃不单单只是蓝宝石,在这个基础上还要做折射 月牙那里还要做一个斜坡 这些都是原装才有的细节 我这里做到了 很美 很亮 专柜的品质 有钢带和牛皮以及鳄鱼皮 三种皮可供选择 出货实拍

Cartier Blue Balloon Queen 28mm Female Shi Ying! V6 factory is a wrist watch with deep genuine essence! It is very important to look for the details. The pointer is to burn the blue steel pointer glass, not just sapphire, but also to make a refraction crescent on this basis. These are the original details. I have achieved beautiful and bright counter quality here. There are three skins of steel belt, cowhide and crocodile skin to choose from for shipment.


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