V6厂蓝气球33mm女款 日本机械6t51机缩略图

V6厂蓝气球33mm女款 日本机械6t51机

V6厂蓝气球33mm女款 日本机械6t51机芯!认准细节很重要,表盘颜色、表壳等细节做了新一轮修正,指针采用一样的工艺,玻璃不单单只是蓝宝石,在这个基础上还要做折射,月牙那里还要做一个斜坡,自动铊蚀字也修正到一致,精益求精,(底盖及表扣au750及18k印记)

V6 blue balloon 33mm female Japanese mechanical 6t51 movement! It is very important to look for the details. The dial color, case and other details have been revised in a new round. The pointer adopts the same technology. The glass is not only sapphire, but also refracts on this basis. There is also a slope at the crescent moon, and the automatic etching characters are also revised to be consistent and strive for perfection (bottom cover and clasp au750 and 18k mark)


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