V6 V7版蓝气球42mm 鳄鱼皮款缩略图

V6 V7版蓝气球42mm 鳄鱼皮款


Cartier Blue Balloon 42mm Series, American crocodile skin customized by customers! Round and elegant, showing noble temperament! Men’s 42mm machine, the fine steel case is polished by cnc, and its luster is radiant. The fineness is no less than that of genuine products, which perfectly reflects the unique charm of the original version. The original disc, hands and spinels surpass all imitations at present and are the soul selling points of watches. True American crocodile skin and top 316L fine steel strap are available. The steel belt is polished exquisitely, and the effect is expected to be like a silver plate. The process is coarse and fine (polishing with wire drawing). The overall luster is surging, and the circulation is overflowing, showing the trend of top grade! Produced by v6 factory, v7 version! Shipment real shot


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