V6厂 全新升级卡地亚蓝气球大号42mm 霸气来袭
认准细节很重要:机芯外观采用最新升级的1847MC机芯效果,从内而外最大限度的复刻正品,工艺媲美正品。每一个都经过严格测试!突破了蓝气球字面的反光难度,让现在的蓝气球腕表质感和镜面都无限接近于原装表盘颜色. 字面细节部分也是完美复刻到精致 漂亮 !
【蓝宝石玻璃鱼眼镜面通透,把头位置斜坡完美月牙,与壳身浑然一体!市面唯一 一家能做跟原装一模一样的月牙】!
表带有三种可以选择 钢带、鳄鱼皮带、牛皮带!

V6 factory new upgrade Cartier blue balloon large 42mm domineering attack
After mature design technology and exquisite production technology, we strive for perfection, only for the real restoration of genuine products. Sales champion edition!
It is very important to look for the details: the appearance of the movement adopts the latest upgraded 1847MC movement effect, and the genuine products are reproduced to the maximum extent from the inside out, and the process is comparable to the genuine products. Every one has been rigorously tested! Breaking through the literal reflection difficulty of the blue balloon, the texture and mirror surface of the present blue balloon watch are infinitely close to the original dial color, and the literal details are perfectly reproduced to be exquisite and beautiful!
Very delicate pointer adopts the same color and quality as the genuine one, and the automatic thallium lettering is also corrected to be consistent with the genuine one! The watch case has been revised in a new round with fine steel material and details, and the jewel color of the head is the same as the original one, and it is polished very exquisitely. The mosaic process won’t drop.
[Sapphire glass fish glasses are transparent, and the slope of the head position is perfect crescent, which is integrated with the shell body! The only one in the market can make the same crescent moon as the original one!
The watch comes with three kinds of steel belts, crocodile belts and cowhide belts.


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