AF厂新品蓝气球42MM 大号气球缩略图

AF厂新品蓝气球42MM 大号气球

经典重现【荟萃过往复刻精华 开辟AF超神之路】
【表壳】腕表尺寸42mmX13mm 316L精钢表壳经过AF制表师的极致打磨,光泽焕发。精细程度不亚于正品,将原版独特的神韵完美体现。

Classic reappearance [gathering the essence of past re-engraving, opening up the road of AF super-god]
AF is good at work and excels in quality, beauty and form. Ingeniously create the unique clone-Cartier Blue Balloon 42mm Series. Round and elegant, showing noble temperament.
[Case] The size of the watch is 42 mm x 13 mm 316 L. The case of fine steel has been polished by AF watchmakers and is full of luster. The fineness is no less than that of genuine products, which perfectly reflects the unique charm of the original version.
[Wonderful details] The original disc, hands and spinels surpass all imitations at present and are the soul selling points of watches.
[Exclusive in the market] The TOP Seagull 2892 is used exclusively to change the original Cal.049 movement, which truly makes the winding feel and timing direction consistent with the genuine one
[Crocodile skin] Compared with other imitations, AF adopts the belly of American alligator skin, and its texture and gloss are bursting, and its effect is overwhelming
There are thousands of watches, and AF leads!


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