V9卡地亚蓝气球33mm无历白金款终极顶配版女士,搭载正品机芯,包18k白金,真鳄鱼皮+原装钢带顶配终极版33mm中性款,搭载正品的两档076机芯,包18K金,贵金属印记全部齐全。V9一直秉承“以最少的升级次数达到最好级别”的理念,尽量一步到位,让买家少花冤枉钱一直追版,真正的佛系厂家。在字面指针乱真的基础上,还攻破了 “五大难点”:
1、 配鳄鱼皮和钢带两幅表带(还可选购专柜顶配双面鳄鱼皮);

The V9 Cartier Blue Balloon is the ultimate top edition lady with 33mm calendar platinum, equipped with genuine movement, including 18K white gold, genuine crocodile skin+original steel belt top with the ultimate neutral edition of 33mm, equipped with genuine two-gear 076 movement, including 18k gold, and all precious metal marks are complete. V9 always adheres to the concept of “achieving the best level with the least number of upgrades”, and tries its best to achieve the goal in one step, so that buyers can always pursue the edition with less money, which is a true Buddhist manufacturer. On the basis of the literal pointer, it also broke through the “five major difficulties”:

  1. Remove redundant calendar stalls without calendar payment;
    2, the case is covered with gold and precious metal marks;
  2. The genuine movement is stable and resistant to operation;
    4, the thickness is consistent and the hand feels good;
  3. Accessories can be used with original ones.
    In addition, I sent “two major benefits”:
  4. Two straps with crocodile skin and steel belt (you can also choose the counter top with double-sided crocodile skin);
  5. Remote anti-counterfeit packaging can prevent buyers from buying shoddy small factory goods.


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